Professor Snape's/Alan Rickman's Dressing Room was featured in the
August 2006 issue of American Miniaturist

About half-way through working on "Professor Snape's Office", I started thinking about what Alan Rickman's on location dressing room/trailer might look like.  Never having been in a makeup trailer, nor having a photo of one to work from, everything you see in here is off the top of my head.  I'd say about 90% of everything in this vignette is handmade, from the director's chair to the Snape outfit (yes, I'm still cursing that I had to make yet another few frock coats (see note below)), to the makeup box, brushes and sponges to the CD Player/Radio and Harry Potter movie script.  If you look closely, you'll also see a Tom Waits CD, a DVD of "The Philadelphia Story", a copy of the New York Times in the garbage can under the table, and Prisoner of Azkaban call sheets on the bulletin board among other items like a Sharpie marker.  The only items I didn't make were the mirror and lights surrounding it, the items on the snack table except the paper plates, the coffee mug and donut on the dressing table, and the screen door, wallpaper and carpet.  Everything else I've made myself.

As for the Snape posters on the wall in back of the door, if you weren't a hard core Harry Potter or Alan Rickman fan, you'd have no idea what this vignette was about.  So while I'm sure Alan Rickman's "real" dressing room wouldn't have posters of Snape, mine does for description purposes only!

Update 3/2005
There are actually three of these dressing rooms in existence.
I have the original and a friend of mine (a fellow Alan Rickman fan) has the second.
The third can be found at the Museum of Miniatures in Carmel, Indiana;
I donated this roombox to the Museum in February 2005.



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